May 15, 2009

Cabbage Poultices

You're probably saying WHAT? Yes, CABBAGE. I love my cabbage poultices. A poultice can be made with many plant materials. In the past few months my knee has been sublexing (the patella has been shifting). Now we believe there is a meniscus tear as well, the MRI I am scheduled for will tell. In the meantime, I wrap cabbage leaves around my knee at night.

From last night's poultice the swelling and fluid retention went down at least 50%. I was overjoyed to have the increased mobility this morning. Try it for your inflammations, joint swellings, and much much more. Wonderful on your liver during a liver detox.

The wonderful cabbage astounds me. Raw, juiced, cooked, fermented - awesome in so many ways. Raw cabbage juice is a key element in healing ulcers.

Here are directions!

(thanks net_efekt on Flickr for the pic)


  1. if you don't want to wrap the poultice with plastic, don't ~ i didn't want to for environmental and health reasons; instead, i just doubled up on tea towels and used a tensor bandage to hold it all in place

  2. also, you may want to coat your skin with some olive oil first:)